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Coordinates at 54° 40' N, 9° 56' E: Kappeln

Follow the call of the seagull and visit our beautiful town Kappeln - situated directly at the Schlei, an inlet of the western Baltic Sea, Kappeln is the ideal starting and anchoring point for a carefree holiday.

What might such a holiday look like?

You could start, for example, with a tour of the herring fence - the only one of its kind in Europe. The "Amanda" mill, which gives its name to our hotel, is always worth a visit.
After the cultural input, how about a cake on Kappeln's promenade, which is located directly on the water? Many shops and boutiques also open their doors on Sundays during the high season. After your little shopping tour, you can round off the evening at one of Kappeln's two harbours, watch boats and enjoy the town's maritime flair.


You can also find more information and excursion destinations on the website of the Kappeln Tourist Association: Touristikverein Kappeln.